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Hey folks! I’m new and just starting to work with a coach toward developing a demo. Would really appreciate your honest feedback on this first posting. I look forward to your comments, and providing same for your projects. Thanks! Toque

Here’s the direction for the piece:

This is a serious spot defending American jobs. Towards the end, VO should be urging viewer to take action. Not too over the top of an attack, but it should convey some disappointment and frustration with partisan Washington politics that prevents progress on jobs.

And here’s the script:

You sent a message to Washington.
Loud and clear.
Focus on the economy and jobs.
Show the taxpayers that Congress can work again.

Unfortunately, others have a different agenda.
The same politicians who brought us a government shutdown and led the U.S. to the brink of default have a new bad idea:
Ending the X-M Bank, which is designed to help American employers and American jobs.
These jobs and workers in the Export-Import economy deserve support.
Do the right thing for our economy and support the X-M Bank.

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