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Hi fleishman619!

These were good reads! I have read these both before. I am drawn to telephony.

Script 1: The tone and pacing were good in this read, although, the last sentence seemed a little rushed with the very last two words. Watch out for adding words in your read, too. Omit “And” in your third sentence, as it is not in the script. Also, since this is for “L.G. Energy”, uptick and emphasis here.

Script 2: The read was clear, and well enunciated, but I would lower your volume with “.com”, and not emphasis that specifically. It’s clear, which is good, but just lower the volume. Does that make sense? To me, I hear this copy with a warmer tone. The pace seemed a tad fast, too. Dial it back a notch, and see how it sounds.

I hope this helps! Keep it up! Look forward to more from you!