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My friend said I might not be cut out to handle scripts that have a “hey BRO” tone just yet. I wanted to try it though, so how’s my performance? Any thoughts on the pauses and tempo? Do you think I’m echoing at all?

Church’s Chicken

Here’s the deal. At this time of year, you’re probably craving seafood. And if you are, you’re probably not thinking about Church’s Chicken, right?
Well, think again, because Church’s has it covered. Try our Butterfly Shrimp Platter. That’s Eight tender butterfly prawns, fried until golden, your choice of ANY TWO sides – YEAH, that’s right – TWO sides, and a honey butter cookie for only 5 dollars.
Think twice when you think seafood, better yet, think Church’s.
The Butterfly Shrimp Platter, 5 dollars for a limited time.
Here’s the deal. Only at Church’s Chicken.

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