Reply To: Forum Issues and Feedback


First of all, congratulations to last month’s audition contest winners!

But…the feedback is super confusing to me.

The audition text says:

Director’s notes
This is a simulated audition for a Washington Mutual radio spot. We are looking for a classic announcer style, yet without any hard sell. One take only, slate username at the end.

Yet the feedback says (paraphrasing): “This is a TV commercial and we weren’t looking for the classic announcer read.”

I’m pretty new to VO; I spent a year researching, learning, and doing over 450 auditions on a P2P site 2 years ago, without getting a single job. I listened to as many of the winning / finished VOs as I could to figure out how to improve my reads, and found the same thing: I’ve not once heard a finished read that even remotely resembles the instructions in the audition text.

I gave up in frustration and have been out of it for about a year; but had somebody ask me to do a read for their youtube video recently (for free, of course), so I did. Then I came back here to try again, but…yeah…I’m still confused.

Obviously, the 3 winners were mind readers!