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I have tried to post this twice, and both times after editing, they disappeared.

I wrote a narration script for a documentary on L.L. Bean. (If the script doesn’t appear right, it’s the forum.)

I have been having trouble connecting to scripts. I try to bring enthusiasm to my reads, and it sounds campy, or a little too over the top. I try to sound natural, and more conversational, and it sounds like I am reading the script. I know smiling, as well as visualizing your audience, are often mentioned. I’m trying. As someone who is a bit of an introvert, and doesn’t socialize too much, I am also here to get out of my shell, too.

Any feedback is appreciated.


L.L. Bean

The story of L.L. Bean is ever evolving. But, the outdoors has always been at the heart of it.

After returning from a hunting trip in 1911 with cold, damp feet, Leon Leonwood Bean has a revolutionary idea – and changed footwear forever.

In the next two hours, explore over 100 years of L.L .Bean history.

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