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Hey ya’ll! I’d love feedback on my latest practice script: both the read and the sound quality. I’m working on my home studio setup and would love to hear what your ears think about the current setup and what else it might need. THANKS!

“Meet Karen
a full time chartered accountant by day, full time home traffic controller by night
aaand a part time fund-raiser.
Chocolates and paper forms? There’s got to be a better way.
Introducing FlipGive, the best way to fundraise online.
Earn up to 50% when your friends and family shop with great retailers and restaurants.
Start by creating your campaign page in just a few simple steps.
Other fund-raising needs? No Problem! FlipGive makes it easy for a variety of groups to raise money.
Easily share your campaign in person via social media or e-mail so your friends and family can help you reach your funding goal no matter where they live.
Yes even uncle Bob can help out, with a quick and easy purchase from his favorite brand.
Manage your campaign by tracking progress, keeping your supporters upto-date, and thanking them when the mission is complete.
Flipgive, the future of fundraising is here.”

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