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Hello everybody! First time posting on here for my homework for my commercial demo recording coaching sessions! I have currently two commercials worked on – American Express and Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. The scripts themselves are below and I appreciate any and all feedback (on the reads themselves or the way I should set up these posts as I never had to do it for my animation voice over work.

Commercial 1 – American Express

Do you know me? Probably not. In my business, recognition is always important, but when I’m buying goods online I prefer a little privacy. With Private Payments from American Express, I get the security of a unique number created for each business transaction I make. Because my private information is my business, and American Express keeps it that way.

Commercial 2 – Pittsburgh

In this city… There’s an expectation in the air. We all pay it forward. We all earn it. There’s a currency that connects us. The karma we share. The way we celebrate. If you’re not from here, that’s okay. All comers are welcome. Here’s one more tip. There’s only one place in Pittsburgh we all come together. Whatever your game… Rivers is where Pittsburgh comes to play.

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