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Here are a couple more practice narrations of kids’ material. Thanks for your feedback.
I don’t know about you, but I like our planet a lot! And one of the
easiest ways we can help protect the Earth is by recycling. That’s
where instead of throwing things like plastic in the trash, you put
them in a special bin so they go to a kind of factory to be reused.
You’ve probably recycled things like plastic bottles before. There
might even be a recycling bin in the room you’re in right now!
Recycling is important because it helps keep the Earth clean,
especially from trash made of plastic.
Making Candy
What exactly goes into candy to make it so sweet and yummy? Join
Professor Hoody on a fantastic journey to find out how candy is really
made. In Making Candy, the professor’s quantum transporter sends him
to a real chocolate factory to explore the candy world. You can just
taste the excitement in this candy-coated adventure.

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