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Audition Feedback

Hoping to submit this ASAP, so any feedback regarding delivery will be very helpful. Three scripts all with the same direction: “In a tone that’s intellectual and energetic”.

Script 1:
Doctors specialize in treating patients, not negotiating drug contracts and rates.
That’s where GPOs come in – to serve physicians.
Smart GPOs rely on data to ensure providers have access to the right therapeutic choices at the best value.

Script 2:
Distribution is the critical link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers
Because AmerisourceBergen offers specialty distribution to its partners,
we understand that a specialty distributor has knowledge of their patient base and specific needs of specialty physician practices.

Script 3:
At a time when health systems are challenged to maximize revenue capture, Drug reimbursement requirements are changing and complex.
Even with an increased focus on this area, it can be difficult for a health system to have a holistic view of the revenue cycle and its complexities, spanning everything from drug procurement to reimbursement.

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