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Hello! This is my first post to the forum and I’m nervous and excited! My homework was to read, record, and post two narration scripts from the Edge library. Here are my scripts and I appreciate any and all feedback.
Thank you!

Ice Fishing Product Videos
The Eskimo Pistol Bit is the lightest, fastest and smoothest auger of it’s kind. Its high strength extreme cold rested polymer flight and cutting head paired with its rigid aluminum hexagon shaft keep the auger lighter than the competition while maintaining incredible strength and durability.

How to set up an Excel Expense Worksheet
This video will share how to set up an Excel spreadsheet for tracking expenses. First, go to Menu, new, and select Workbook. Click on any cell to get started. I will use cell C2. Name this field something that is meaningful to your business, I’ll use my company name. Right next to that, let’s title this column the amount due.

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