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Thanks for the feedback, Brian!

Pronunciation: I am trying hard to work on the pronunciations. I live in the northeast, and I have really become aware of dialect as a result of starting the program.

First sentence: This was the slowest read of my practice. I feel like if I go any slower, I’ll sound too choppy, but, I’m definitely trying to find the balance. I almost felt like this sentence really needed a micro-pause in it.

Flat: I do have a rather monotone voice. I’m pretty chill, so reflecting enthusiasm into copy is something I’m practicing to convey. I think I’m trying too hard to remember everything. It is important to interpret the script, to find ones audience, but picturing them in my mind is throwing me off for some reason. When watching documentaries, narrating voices usually sound flat to me; not much emotion. Is it just me who hears that?

Thank you for the constructive criticism!