Don’t have a Commercial Demo? We can help!

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Don’t have a Commercial demo? Whatever VO genre you specialize in, you probably should have this valuable demo in your VO arsenal.

Commercials offers a wide range of opportunity. In comparison, if you want to work in, say, video games, there are only so many producers to pitch. But commercials are widely produced, in many forms – with clients ranging from local radio/TV stations and cable providers, to ad agencies of all sorts and sizes, marketing departments and individual retailers. Plus, the vast majority of commercials are voiced by regular VO professionals, as opposed to celebrities.

When you do land one, it can be very lucrative through ongoing residuals, repeat projects, or both. And who wouldn’t like to to be heard by friends and clients on a national spot, getting paid well, to boot?

Almost no other genre spans such a wide range of topics, styles, and types of scripts. Even if you don’t specialize in commercials, your demo portfolio will greatly benefit by showcasing your ability to do them.

Your first priority should be an effective delivery. It is important for clients to know that you understand their goal is selling. Your ability to understand the mission suggests that you have a businesslike attitude. That’s valued by producers in every genre.

Your task is to combine the sales objective with your own ability and creativity. You act just as you would in some other genres (such as animation or narration) where your work is the end product. When the director of a commercial tells you to hit the name of the product, you should be able to catch and hold someone’s attention and make the message memorable.

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