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Here you’ll find practical articles written to help you skip the “trial and error” often associated with pursuing and building a career, and instead gain a candid look into the voice over industry, where the work is, why some people get it, why some don’t, and tips and techniques to help you reach your goals.

Remember that your voice, interests, and potential are unique. For this reason, our articles provide multiple ideas and scenarios so that you can make the right decision for your career.

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Using Social Media as a Voice Actor

“I’m on a social media hiatus,” we’ve all had friends say, “I need a break from being on my phone all the time!” And to that I reply, “Good for you! Taking time for yourself is so important.”  For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, these boundaries have been difficult to draw during what I like to call The Roaring Twenties. The lines are fuzzy for voice actors in the first place--when we work, when do we STOP wor...
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