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Are you at risk? Read and find out!

Vocal Fry is a speaking style that damages your vocal chords.

It occurs when you speak in your lowest register and create a low, glottal, grumbling sound. When this sound is created, the vocal folds compress tightly and become limp and compact. This sound is stereotypical of young girls and reality television stars.

This speaking style is a rising epidemic in today’s society, but many don’t know they are doing it.

If you are a singer in addition to a voice actor, you are even more at risk. Vocal fry is that stereotypical “croaking” sound made in country music, and is also used by bass singers in gospel choirs. These practices can permanently damage the vocal chords and may cause you to lose some upper notes in your register.

Other common names for vocal fry are pulse register, pulse phonation, glottal rattle, glottal fry, glottal scrape, creak, laryngealisation, and strohbass.

So I’m “Frying” my Vocal Chords…How Do I Stop?

Vocal Fry has snuck its way into our society and is affecting the way we speak.

The best way to stop this bad habit is to become aware that you are doing it. Once conscious, stop yourself each time you hear vocal fry creeping in.

To correct further, record yourself speaking and listen back. Post recordings on the
FEEDBACK FORUM and get vocal fry feedback from your peers as well.

You will hear your vocal fry when your voice is pitched lower than usual, or part of elongated vowels in the middle of a word, at the end of word, or in voiced consonants.

Become aware of your speaking. Keep your voice healthy.