What Do You Do To Stay Healthy For Voice Over?

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We asked some of our friends, and here is their advice:

PAMELA JACKSON says, “plenty of water, eat healthy, exercise vocal as well as physical, and I listen to my body. Take care of your voice and your voice will take care of you.”

KENDRA WEBB says, “A unique, powerful immune supplement in the form of a molecule extracted from bovine colostrum and chicken egg yolk.”

A’LISA WILHELMSEN ANDRADE says, “Vitamin D 6,000 IU/daily as well as a Neti P*t regimen for immune system support. To prepare for a long day of recording, take Mucinex 1200 mg extended release tablets. It does 2 things: lubricates the vocal folds to ensure the smooth luscious sounds stay clear AND thins mucosal secretions so all that yucky winter phlegm doesn’t clog those tones. If you find yourself with a scratchy dry throat, try Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea or Thayers Lozenges. Both use slippery elm which is mucilaginous.”

NIKI KERNOW says, “I drink at least 2 litres of water everyday and I drink hot water with lemon, honey and g****r!”

SUSAN D’ANGELO says, “Lot’s of foods high in anti-oxidants. I drink a lot of green tea, and I swear by Emergen-C every day. Also, I keep my chest and neck covered up when out in the cold. It’s all about staying virus-free.”

And…My advice:

  • In the winter, ALWAYS wear a scarf around your neck.
  • Take Vitamin C Daily.
  • If you know you will be exposed to germs, wash your hands often and do not touch your face (eyes specifically).
  • Drink warm beverages often.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Refrain from speaking louder than necessary (in a loud restaurant, bar, etc).
  • Keep a positive attitude: If you constantly remind yourself, “I am healthy,” you will remain healthy.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy!

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