Voice Over Client Pet Peeves

Edge Studio

Knowing what NOT to do (and not doing it) can increase your chance of being the star. We polled many of the top creative teams, and asked what pet-peeves they had with voice over artists.

  • The most common pet peeve was about voice over artists who try to do jobs other than their own. For example, they tell the producer how the script should be read, they tell the scriptwriter that the script has grammatical errors, etc.
  • Many creative teams were bothered by voice over artists who did not invoice their services correctly. For example, they took too long to send an invoice, social security or business IDs were not on the invoice, invoices were handwritten, etc.
  • Another common pet peeve was that the voice over artist does not see the ―big picture‖ and therefore does not read accordingly. For example, if the script is for a documentary, the voice over artist may read too quickly, forgetting that the final product will be accompanied by a visual and therefore should be read slower, so that the viewer can assimilate the video and the audio.
  • Often, producers complained about voice over artists not giving it their all, and losing energy and concentration throughout the recording process.
  • Many creative teams also noted having problems with voice over artists not following direction or just taking too long to ―get it.‖
  • Producers often noted disliking when they need to tell the voice over artist how to do their job. For instance, the voice over artist would not know what to do if they had ―dry mouth‖, or they would not know how to emphasize a word correctly, etc.
  • Finally, a large complaint was voice over artists who think they know everything.