The Conversational Read

Wednesday, December 6 7:00pm-9:30pm EST



“There was an unbelievable difference in my reads after learning this!”   Learn proven techniques that unlock your conversational read in this 2.5 hour masterclass with voiceover coach, director, and 2023 OneVoice Award nominee, Hugh P. Klitzke.

You already know that most every voiceover direction says: “be conversational”.

But how can you get there?

In this constructive, growth-minded class, you will learn:

  • How a particular point of view can lead you to an authentic read – no matter how well written the script is

  • How smile can help (and when it doesn’t)

  • To understand script structures – if you’re unsure what these are, this will be an “ah-ha” moment.

  • How body language, energy, vocal placement and speed play a major role in generating a conversational read.

This above will also help your conversational read have:

  • Authenticity

  • A subtle specificity

  • And a richer emotional life

How the class will work:

BEFORE the class, a maximum of 12 participants will be emailed instructions for sending an audio file of an audition that Hugh will be reviewing in class. By working with Hugh one-on-one, hearing his feedback, and observing other students, you’ll be able to lear practical tools for making your reads more conversational that you can put to use in your next audition!

Don’t want to participate, but want to observe? Use coupon code conversational95 to audit the Webinar version of this class. 

This class is offered twice:

Live on Zoom: Wednesday December 6th, 7pm-9:30pmET

In-person in our NYC Studio: Wednesday, December 13th, 6pm-8:30pmET


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More About Your Instructor:

For nearly fifteen years, Hugh was the voiceover booth director at Buchwald. There he directed over 125,000 auditions. Now he coaches, produces, and directs (amongst other things). At the NEVO Summit 2023, he coached conversational. At OneVoice 2023 Hugh was nominated for Best Commercial Demo Female Producer. (It was Deb’s).  At WOVOCON VII Hugh’s workshops were “The First Ten Seconds of Your Audition” and “Voiceover Script Structures”. The SAG / AFTRA Foundation invites him to give workshops several times a year. John at Voice Over Xtra published his articles. James asked him for an essay.  Hugh will be on your podcast. And together, Deb & Hugh create excellent memes.


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