Success in Online Casting



Appropriate For: Aspiring Professionals

In this class, Tom Dheere will help students to develop an understanding of the online casting site process, how to best utilize these sites, and how to stand out from the competition.

Class Length: One Hour

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As it has in all businesses, technology is transforming the voice over industry. This evolution is evident in the ease with which voice actors can now record at home or while on the go, and in the multitude of new types of content requiring narrators and voice actors. Just as importantly, technology is changing the way in which many voice over projects are being cast. 

Online casting platforms like and have opened up new opportunities for voice actors, without the requirement of being located in Los Angeles or New York. With a working home studio, you send in submissions from anywhere in the world and be cast in these projects.

But it’s not as simple as all that: online casting is very competitive, with A-list voice actors often competing with newcomers for the same projects. As it always has been, a quality performance is essential. However, recording quality is now also very important; and knowing how to optimize profiles posted to online casting sites has a significant impact on the jobs for which you might be invited to audition.

This course will cover the impact that online casting is having on the overall voice over industry and the basics of preparing for success with online casting websites. By understanding how these sites work, and how they can connect you to potential clients, you be able to optimize your profiles to gain more attention.

At the conclusion of this class, students will:

1) Understand the history of online casting platforms

2) Be conversant in the types of projects and budgets typically found on online casting platforms

3) Be aware of the major online casting websites; and the pricing, benefits and drawbacks for each

4) Know the basics of creating a profile for online casting sites; including the importance of assigning appropriate keywords/tags, and of segmented demos


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