Six Steps to Create Any Voice



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Having a hard time impersonating that one voice? Feeling stuck and in a rut with your character voices and want to access new sounds? What if you could get unstuck and expand your vocal repertoire today? The need for non-you voices is huge. So creating them can lead to huge work. (Think fun work, like cartoons, video games, talking toys, commercials, and animated productions.)

Through focusing on the science behind the voice and following six actionable steps, you can crack the code to any impression. Join Head Instructor, Brendan Houdek of New York Speech Coaching, in this 1-hour class where you’ll not only learn how to impersonate any voice, but also gain access to creating new voices of your own through the 6-step process.



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In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to demystify voice impressions
  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between anatomy/physiology and the voice
  • A six-step process for learning new voices
  • How to practice principles for continued growth

Brendan is a Senior Instructor at New York Speech Coaching and Presenting Solutions, as well as the host of Voice Breakdown on YouTube, a show that teaches viewers how to perform impressions of pop culture’s most iconic voices. To date, he’s covered more than 50 unique voices, and the series has garnered over 10 million views.


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