Script Throughlines


Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

In this class, students will discover how to effectively break down a script to determine what the producer is looking for in a submission.

Class Length: One Hour


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The script is the voice actor’s road map to delivering an engaging, believable and BOOKABLE read. The challenge for the voice actor is to find the writer’s intention; discover the story and engage the listener.

In Script Throughlines, we’ll learn how to break down the script, beat by beat and then we’ll dive into the tips and techniques that will help the actor uncover the story; we’ll explore ways to find specifics and nuances in the script that bring the story to life and we’ll discuss ways to find the message of the script even when it seems elusive or confusing.

In this class students will learn:
•How to uncover the writer’s intention in the script.
•How to identify the beats of the script that reveal the story and move it forward.
•How to develop a technique that they can apply to get to the heart of the script quickly and accurately.
•The questions to ask themselves when approaching the script.