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Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional/ Working Professional

The signature Edge Studio product, including one demo preparation session, one demo record session, and a fully produced professional demo.

Need a little help paying for your demo? Edge Studio offers interest-free, in house financing for all our students. Please contact our main office at 212-868-3343 or email [email protected] for more information about how to enroll.


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If you are an aspiring professional currently in an Edge Studio training program, or are currently a working professional, this demo package becomes available to you.

A demo package at Edge Studio consists of one demo prep session, one demo records session, and one professionally produced demo. We highly recommend that you purchase private coaching sessions prior to recording your demo.

Every professional voice actor knows that your demo is your calling card, and the tool that you need in order to book work and develop relationships with clients. It needs to be polished, well rehearsed, and professionally produced, and able to meet the high standards of this dynamic industry.

The demo package at Edge Studio consists of:

Demo Prep
This is a time for you to read all the copy to your coach, and for them to review it. Together, you’ll confirm that the length of the copy is appropriate for the demo, that it offers the right amount of variety (based on your goals and clients), that it reads well, and – most importantly – that you’re comfortable with it. If all is good, then move to the demo record phase. If not, recommendations will be made and changes will be enacted prior to you moving on to recording a demo.

Demo Recording
Your coach will direct you during your recording session. Either record in person in NYC or LA in our respective studios, or record at an approved alternate studio anywhere in the world and your coach will direct you via phone or Skype.

Demo Edit, Sound Design, & Mix
Edge Studio’s engineering team works to edit, sequence, process, mix, and master your demo under the supervision of Edge’s CEO, David Goldberg. It will be emailed to you for your review, and you and our Education Team will discuss any comments you may have. There are never additional fees for one round of reasonable revisions. We want you to feel comfortable and happy with your demo.


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