Cost Benefit Analysis



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

This class will give students an understanding of how to analyze their voice over business, figure out where their voiceover work came from, and how to read metrics.

Class Length: One Hour

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You’re finally at the most exciting part of your voice over career: you are getting cast and starting to make some money! Congrats! Isn’t this an incredible feeling? But, now that you are starting to book some work, you need to make sure you are using your time as wisely as possible in order to maximize your effectiveness. Remember, as a voice artist, you aren’t just the talent, but you also have to be your own business manager, marketing professional, accountant, and so on. How can you ensure that the avenues you are using to book work will have the biggest returns?

Ask yourself the following questions: What source did you use to find this audition? Do you know how you booked this job? Do you know why you were cast in this role? Do you know which marketing campaigns you used that ultimately booked you the job? If you answered any of these questions “uh, I don’t know,” then it may be time to take stock of what you’re doing, use the metrics that are readily available to you, and figure out what works and what is a waste of time.

In Cost/Benefit Analysis, students will walk away with the tools they need to properly understand such skills as analyzing their voice over business, figuring out where their voiceover work came from, and reading metrics to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. That way, you will know exactly where you should be investing your time for the best results.

In this class, students will learn:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to use them in evaluating your voice over career
  • The five areas of your voice over business to analyze
  • Determining and managing portals for maximum effectiveness
  • Different metrics to track, and how to use this data to determine the best course of action for your career.


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