Audacity 101

Wednesday, January 25 6:30pm-8:30pm EST



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

This class will show students the fundamental editing processes of the DAW Audacity.

Class Length: Two Hours


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A key feature in any voice actor’s home studio is the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Among the most popular, especially in the beginnings of a career, is the free software Audacity. Although it’s free and accessible, learning the ins and outs of editing your own audio with this tool is crucial! 

In this two hour webinar, your instructor will lead you through a detailed examination of Audacity. This class will show you the basic skills you need in order to successfully use Audacity, including recording/editing basics, how to master files, using EQ and compression tools, and how to save those files in the proper format. Bring all of your questions; there will be a 30-minute Q&A Session!