Advanced Audition



Appropriate For: Casual Learners, Aspiring Professionals, and Working Professionals

Work one-on-one with David Goldberg: Read copy live, and receive immediate, constructive critiques. This candid, fast-paced workout will quickly “up” your game by pinpointing what casting pros listen for and avoid the things most voice actors miss. Learn to distinguish yourself from audition competition, and win more jobs.

Class Length: One Hour

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Nailing an audition is the key to any voice artist’s career. You have one chance to prove to your client that you are worth listening to and eventually hiring. Even those of us with the best reputations, top agent/manager representation, active websites, and full inboxes need to audition regularly to keep our income stream steady and attract new clients. The quality of our auditions today directly affects the amount of billable hours we will have tomorrow. What can you do to make sure you are giving the client exactly what they want to hear while avoiding common pitfalls that turn off casting teams?

Join Edge Studio founder David Goldberg as he works with each participant of the class and provides live feedback to your reads. 

In this series of ongoing classes, you will sharpen your audition skills, practice giving the most polished read possible, and learn to interpret the direction presented to give the client what they are looking for. David will use his years of experience as a casting director, producer, and coach to help you think about your auditions in a whole new light.

The most sought after projects often have hundreds of submissions sent in from other established professionals from across the world, so be sure you know how to remain competitive and catch their ear to land the most gigs.

Each class is unique, allowing you to learn something new each time you take it! After the class is over, David will provide a write up of all the lessons learned.

Past classes have covered:

  • Self Produced Auditions
  • Political Auditioning
  • Video Game Auditioning
  • Auditioning the Toughest of Reads
  • Emphasizing the Right Words
  • Timing Your Auditions for Video, Film, Picture
  • Auditioning for Telephony
  • Dialogue Auditioning
  • “Acting” Style Auditions
  • Auditioning for Long-Form Reads and On-Going Projects
  • Speaking Naturally


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