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Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional/Working Professional

David Goldberg personally coaches you through Edge Studio’s training program. The Edge Studio Full Training Program with David Goldberg includes webinars, five private coaching sessions with David, one demo preparation session with David, and one demo record overseen by David.

Need a little help paying for your program? Edge Studio offers PayPal Credit to allow students to pay off their program interest free for the first six months. Select the PayPal option at checkout, then press the yellow Pay Later button and follow the instructions on your screen to see if you qualify.

Edge Studio also offers interest-free, in house financing for all our students. Please contact our main office at 212-868-3343 or email [email protected] for more information about how to enroll.


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David Goldberg is one of the most sought after coaches in the world. Voice actors rely on his ability to help them realize their full potential, benefiting from his perception, directing ability, and production savvy. While working one-on-one with David, you will hone your voice over skills and learn why David is considered to have the best ears in the industry.

Now is your opportunity to train with the best, David Goldberg.

David’s training program features:

  • Live training with our expert Edge Studio coaches- We don’t believe in pre-recorded classes or coaching sessions.
  • A wide array of continuing education opportunities that will teach you how to market yourself, build a home studio, develop your business plan, and work on your vocal technique
  • Private training exclusively with David Goldberg
  • Dedicated Education Advisors who will take you through every step of the process
  • A flexible schedule based on your availability
  • Train from anywhere- David pioneered remote voice over training
  • The best demos on the voice over market today personally produced by Edge Studio’s CEO, David Goldberg

Training Program Outline

1- Private Evaluation with David Goldberg
During the evaluation, David will learn about you and your interests, and will ask if you have particular voice over genre(s) you would like to pursue (audiobook, animation, commercial, documentary, etc.). Then you’ll read scripts under David’s guidance. If you have a particular genre interest, he’ll take that into account, but if you are also (or better) suited to another genre, David will discuss that possibility with you.

2- Education Consultation

Careful planning now will result in a more marketable voice over demo down the road. After the praivate evaluation with David, your Education Advisor will review David’s performance assessment with you and together you will create a customized training program based on what genres David feels you would be most marketable in.

3- Technique 101 Webinar

The most fundamental, core aspect of your career as a voiceover talent is having a full understanding of vocal performance techniques. This class will introduce you to the most important components for creating a natural, smooth, believable, marketable delivery. You will learn the basics of proper vocal techniques with our of our Edge Studio coaches, and see how training can transform lackluster reads into breakthrough performances.

4- Private Coaching

Private one-on-one coaching is the best way to develop your skills as a voice artist, and David Goldberg is one of the best coaches in the industry! David will develop an individualized plan that helps you focus on skills to nurture your personal sound, working towards recording a demo. In these sessions, you and David will also begin creating scripts that you will use for your demo based on your unique voice and ability.

5- Demo Reel Preparation and Recording

Once you have completed your Private Coaching, you will work with David to begin production of your voice over demo. This involves:

Demo Preparation session: You’ll learn all about the demo record process, and give you one final opportunity to work on your scripts with David.
Demo Record Session: You enter the booth and record the demo you have been working on with David directing you.
After recording, our top-tier engineering team will mix, edit, add music and sound effects, process, and sequence your demo into an industry-standard presentation. David will personally work with our engineers on your demo every step of the way to ensure that the end product is exemplary.

6- The “What Now?” Class

Once your demo is recorded, an Edge Studio instructor will help jump-start your career by giving you top-level advice on organizing, implementing, and putting together the initial pieces of your voice over business.

Continuing Education

Once you finish your program, round out your training with our continuing education opportunities. You can choose to work towards additional demos, get private coaching sessions to hone your craft, or enroll in our webinars that can show you how to build a home studio or market yourself as a voice actor.


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