Our Work

Audio-branding, Soundtracks, Spoken-word
Edge Studio has worked on over 13,000 projects – casting, recording, editing, and mixing voiceover – in languages around the world – for Broadcast TV & radio, film & documentary, corporate & training, eLearning, animation, video games – for speakers, businesses, non profits, and numerous government agencies.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant wanted a soundtrack that would keep listeners motivated and engaged during this explainer video, but they knew they didn’t want a hype announcer voice actor, so they chose Edge to handle this project, knowing we would get the job done. We knew exactly what to do: direct a voice actor to speak with confidence and coolness, yet in a low pitch range. And sync music that also conveys confidence and coolness, yet – and this is the important part, won’t compete with the voice over. They liked our plan and we moved forward. Listen to the audio – it’s just what the client ordered.