Our Work

Audio-branding, Soundtracks, Spoken-word
Edge Studio has worked on over 13,000 projects – casting, recording, editing, and mixing voiceover – in languages around the world – for Broadcast TV & radio, film & documentary, corporate & training, eLearning, animation, video games – for speakers, businesses, non profits, and numerous government agencies.

The Broadway Cast

Producing high-end podcasts is a favorite here at Edge Studio. So when The Broadway Cast came to us, seeking a home to record theirs, we were the perfect match. Their requirements were unique: a very large space was needed that could hold numerous actors, hosts, and celebrity managers. Further the space needed to be acoustically accurate, super comfortable, and private. Each episode brought in numerous big-name actors from various Broadway shows, who sat in a living room style set up, and chatted with the host. Capturing each speaker’s voice, with clarity yet without cross-talk is something few studios can do. We can. And each episode sounds terrific. Accommodating projects with special or unique circumstances are one of the many qualities that set Edge Studio apart.