Our Work

Edge Studio has been in the business of audio production for over 30 years, and in that time we have produced projects for a wide array of clients, big and small, representing every facet of the voice over industry. Scroll down to view some of the many happy clients we have serviced over the years, and listen to some of those projects.


When Dictionary.com wanted to update their online pronunciations, they turned to us. Because what was seemingly an easy job was really quite complex – and this is something we’re good at. There are tens of thousands of words, each generally with one exact pronunciation, that need to be confirmed, recorded in neutral English, and file-named with a specific naming-convention. When dealing with this many files, organization is key. Another complex component of this project is consistency: the voice actor would record the first batches of words over a number of months, and would continue adding words for years to come (words are still coming in). And thus we needed to cast a voice actor whose voice is stable and consistent, we needed to record the voice actor with the same equipment to maintain a consistent tone, and we needed to process the audio files in a consistent manner. Years later, we’re still working with Dictionary.com.