Our Work

Edge Studio has worked on over 13,000 projects – casting, recording, editing, and mixing voiceover – in languages around the world – for Broadcast TV & radio, film & documentary, corporate & training, eLearning, animation, video games – for speakers, businesses, non profits, and numerous government agencies.

Death Row Stories

Death Row Stories, by CNN, was a pleasure to work on. This episode has an all-star team; it’s narrated by Susan Sarandon and the executive producers include Robert Redford and Alex Gibney. Obviously, we are proud to participate in such quality broadcast television shows. Producers of this show selected Edge Studio because of our quality and our professionalism, as well as something of critical importance: it requires a very skilled team to accurately tell these emotional stories through the voices of the subjects, without having the ability to use the actual voices of the inmates and cops and judges involved in the events themselves. Enjoy the snippet below of this show.