Our Work

Edge Studio has been recording, editing, and producing voiceover – in languages around the world – for nearly every type of media, business, organization, government department, and non profit imaginable.

Below is a sampling of projects our team has worked on.  From local businesses to international giants, from direct clients to contracted agency work, from new media to corporate training to film to commercials, we’ve ‘been there, done that’ tens of thousands of times.

Aetna RX Home Delivery

When Aetna wanted to promote their RX Home Delivery service, the project was sent to us to produce the audio track. We regularly provide voice over to Aetna, and so for this project, we hired a voice actor who they have liked in past. However this recording needed to be produced differently than previous projects as this was for a concatenated system – meaning that recordings from various recording sessions will be strung together to create fluid sentences. So extra precaution was taken to ensure the voice actor’s delivery could be sustained over the course of numerous days’ recording, the same recording set-up and equipment would be used to allow for consistent sound quality, and of course everything would be documented so we’d be able to create additional recordings anytime in the future. As always, Aetna was pleased with our approach and quality.