Washington D.C.

Enjoy New York City without fear of it’s noise on your recordings! Even sirens and rumbling subways will not be heard by people who listen to your recordings with headphones! Our vocal booths are designed for audiobook and documentary recording – the two voice over genres which require the greatest sound quality.

Plus our booths are equipped with video monitors for animation, dubbing, cartoons, and ESL. Don’t worry about size: our two largest booths comfortably hold 6 professional voice actors, ideal for animation, radio drama, dialogue, and podcast interviews. And the control rooms hold 15 people and have natural light! Finally, we have seen that the best recordings are the result of collaborating with you: your input is taken seriously for pronunciation clarification, last-minute script changes, and artistic direction. Also, we can easily phone-patch you into the recording session, so you can communicate with the engineer and voice talent as if you were here.

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