Following Instructions=MORE VO WORK

Edge Studio

Here at Edge Studio, we cast, record, and audition a LOT of voice actors.

Surprisingly, we are shocked at the number of voice actors who don’t follow instructions. As a result, these voice actors lose work from us and our clients.

In this series, we’ll highlight the most common poor practices and give you friendly reminders to increase your voice over work.


–Be Punctual–

About 60% of Voice Actors Are Late!

(Worse, only a third apologize – yet usually with a lame excuse. Look, everyone is late sometimes… but be honest about it. Say, “Hey, I’m so sorry for being late and for any disruption it may have caused. This is not normal for me.” In your own words, of course.)

Things move quickly these days: clients have last-minute voice over jobs, recording studios have tight time schedules, casting calls are booked in 5-minute increments… Being late can be very disruptive. Worse, for you, you lose future work.

Do what you can to be on-time. If your client needs your recording by 10am, then get it to them by then. If your call-in time is 5:15pm, then call in at 5:10pm. If you need to arrive at a studio, then get there 15-minutes early. Being early is a chance to establish good rapport with your clients and maintain a good relationship.

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