Casual Learner

Curious about voice over? Unsure where to start? Limited budget?

The Casual Learner category is for you!

Casual Learners at Edge Studio are either those students who are simply wanting to get a feel for the voice over industry, those wanting to just take a class or two to gain an understanding of the industry, or those who are limited in their ability to commit to making this a career by financial or time constraints.  If you’d like to grab a coaching session or participate in a class, this is the place for you to find those items to purchase in an “a la carte” fashion.  When you’re ready to move on and make the commitment to voice over as a potential career path, we encourage you to become a part of the Aspiring Professionals category.  Demos are not available to purchase for those students who are considered Casual Learners.

Services for Casual Learners

Group Evaluation Class

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Class Schedule

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Private Coaching Session

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