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Welcome APAC members!

We’re happy to help while you’re in town:)

Please feel welcome to the following.
It's complimentary...

  • Mixers, breakfast meetups, downtime hangouts – feel welcome to hold them here – our space holds up to 80 people comfortably
  • Movie night! – enjoy our viewing room that holds 25 people and has a 14 foot movie screen
  • Auditions & casting calls – visiting APAC members can use our space to record auditions
  • Recording sessions – visiting APAC members can use our space to record paid work (though if you require a staff engineer, voice director, or other Edge team member, or given other circumstances, there may be a very small rate between $20 and $40/hour)
  • Tours – for anyone interested seeing our space (5 studios and our smiling faces in Times Square)
  • Meetings – use our conference room, our lounge/lobby, and studios
  • Panels, podcasts, interviews – lots of different sized rooms to select from

Need something else? Just ask 🙂

New to Edge Studio?

We’re an international voiceover production studio, based in Times Square, New York City.

We cast and record audiobooks, documentaries, apps, corporate work, commercials, animation, games, new media, and more.

And we’re friends with many Audio Publishers Association members.

These two photos are Edge Studio’s Studio A, which is a wonderful voiceover, film, and podcast room, that is Dolby certified, has 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixing, has lots of digital toys, and best? It’s veeery fun to watch movies on its 14 foot movie screen!!!

Above: Recording Playbill’s Broadway Cast Podcast.

Right: Recording a Financial News Network’s Videocast.

Edge has hosted APAC Speed Reading Events

APAP Speed Reading Events at Edge Studio introduce audiobook narrators with casting folks in ‘one-to-one timed-sessions’.

We set-up approximately 30 stations, and thus introduce 30 casting folks with 30 narrators … and when done, another round of audiobook narrators make their rounds.

Left: APAC in Edge Studio’s Studio A

Right: APAC in Edge Studio’s Studio B

Left: APAC in Edge Studio’s Rooms C,  D, and  E

Right: A mixer in Edge Studio’s lobby/lounge.  This space holds approximately 40 people.

Welcome APAC members.

Stop in, record an audition or book, let us know how we can help!

Call us at 212-868-EDGE (3343).

Email us at [email protected].