A Holiday Message

Happy Holidays!

It’s been an exciting year. With the voice over industry booming, will you find time to enjoy the holiday season? Probably yes, because the end of December and early January are normally (or shall we say “traditionally”?) a little slower.

But just because incoming work slows down a little bit, there is no reason your work should slow down. Use this time to build your VO business in so many ways:

* Work on training

* Practice, practice, practice (and listen, listen, listen)

* Evaluate/update your demos

* Learn more about your software and enhance your editing skills

* Improve your studio’s sound quality

* Train your ears by listening to other voice over performers

* Develop your self-promotion

So enjoy the season, and if incoming auditions and projects slow down, consider it a good thing. Don’t be concerned – the VO industry picks up in mid-January.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and terrific success in 2014!

Season’s Greetings,

David Goldberg

Chief Edge Officer

For more information about David Goldberg or any other Edge Studio instructor, please call our office at 888-321-3343 or click here.

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