A Few Tips on Planning your Voice Over Career

Edge Studio
  • It is always important to review the basics. So wherever you stand in your career, please don’t jump ahead here. You may even want to go back. Don’t skip any of these phases in your voice over business development.
  • Define small steps, not big leaps. This way, if you fall behind, you can more easily get back in gear. Otherwise, if you fall behind, it will be more difficult catch up.
  • Be realistic: We’ve found that things take 50% longer than most voice over artists expect. The good news is, that gives you time to maneuver.
  • Don’t try to do all this in your head. Either write it down or type it up. Then review your business plan every quarter. Adjust it as necessary, still as a plan. Not on a whim.
  • One plan does not fit all. Once you have pulled your thoughts together and “formalized” them, you’ll have a course of action that is ideally suited to you and your goals. A way to maximize your potential, enjoy life more, and make more money.