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3 Ways to Improve Your Voice Over Career in the New Year

Edge Studio

Hi, I’m Kendra Baker, an educational consultant at Edge. My role is helping people break-in the voice-over industry and expand their careers. One of my favorite ways to do this is by devoting much of my time to our Weekly Script Recording Contest, Feedback Forum, and Checkups.

Consistently, I’ve seen newcomers go from 0 to 60 by uploading home-studio recordings to these three resources on our website and following the suggestions they receive. That is why we devote such a large portion of our website to the Free Career Center . We really want you to get better, and practicing with these resources is a great way to do so.

The New Year is upon us and this is a time when many plan on how to better themselves in the coming year. Vow to make yourself a better voice talent. Just create a schedule (even as simple as setting aside 15-minutes three times a week) and stick to it!!!

Here is how I’ve seen people get better with these three resources:

Feedback Forum : This is a really cool resource, and it’s free!!! You just upload a practice recording to our site and then you receive insightful, candid peer reviews and suggestions. It’s amazing how much better people sound after they use the forum!

Weekly Script Recording Contest: Every week, we run a new script reading contest. It’s free and there are even prizes! But more important is how much everyone learns. At the end of each contest we select winners and we post an article telling you why the winners won. We also post an article telling you what the common errors were that we heard among all the entrants. This article is like a free training session every week!

Checkups : This one I really like because it is the most economical way to get private feedback from an industry leading voice actor who does the kind of work that you’re interested in. So for example, if you are interested in documentaries, you can upload a practice recording of you reading a documentary, and a top-working documentary voice actor will review it and provide guidance and feedback. It’s only $27 and we’ve heard amazing improvement from people who take advantage of this.

So maybe now you understand why I love what I do and here, and how all of us at edge love watching people get more and more voice over work! These resources really work. And anytime you have questions, you can always ask me or any of us here in the edge studio office. So, what are you doing in 2013? Let me know how I can help.