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2011 Wrap-up – Part 1

Edge Studio

Note: This is part one of a 2-part article. Click to read Part 2

Well kids, its the end of the year and things are quiet. We did our year end roundup, and while I could write out my top 5 pork products I’ve eaten this year, I won’t. And its not because I don’t like you, it’s because I want to keep those spots uncrowded. So here are a few ideas I find to be very important.

Stop using PC’s. They’re not good for you. I’m aware that this is America and you have freedom of choice, but it will leave to a lifetime of heartache. You know how many problems we’ve had with the Mac’s in our studios? Not many. And nearly all were caused by someone spilling apple juice on them. No computer is apple juice proof. Every real studio in the world uses a mac. Do an independent survey, go ahead. There’s a reason.

Yes, I know you’re scared and it’s more expensive. You have to think long term here. PC’s slow down rapidly. They get filled up with spyware. Macs do not. The user experience is just so much better. Its all about drag and drop. So please, when you call me up and tell me you have a problem with Audacity on your PC and your inexpensive mic plug or whatever endorsed by well known VO talent, and I laugh a little bit, don’t be surprised, mmkay? Overall, investing in equipment that is worthwhile will save you money in the long run. This holds true for computers, mics, pre amps, guitars, shoes, drums, unicorns, pretty much anything. A little repair cost is way less than having to replace junk later.

These words hold up, I give you that guarantee. No one returns from the cult of mac. Not one person. There is scientific evidence, it just doesn’t happen. Its all about improving your own workflow, and this is the first step. Today is the first day of the rest of your life….and other well worn sayings. Go for it! I’m still not telling you my top 5 pork dishes.