What’s the point

So, What’s the point? Why are you doing it? Working so hard, getting up every day, making it all happen? For What? This?

You know, for most people, enough is good enough… Take the French, they work, stroll home, stop in a café and parlez vous Francias about art…take August off. OFF! Why aren’t you like that? (pause) Why aren’t we like that?

Because we’re Americans, that’s why. We’re in it, to win it.
(Pause) You too, Canada.

Other countries think we’re nuts but whatever. Were the Wright brothers insane? Edison? Bell? Was Kennedy nuts when he pointed to the moon? Yeah, that’s right, the moon. We went up there, and you know what we got? Bored. So we left. Still got a car up there. Left the keys in it. You know why? Cause we’re the only ones going back up there, that’s why.

But I digress.

Fact is, America is where it all goes down. The most level playing field on Earth. If you want in the game, this is the place to play. And all the stuff? Well, that’s just a way to keep score. c’est la vie