Voices From The Storm

Begun as a war to restore the Union, the Civil War became a struggle to transform a nation.
–In that struggle, no community in America suffered more than this one.
–For most of four years, armies blue and gray traversed, occupied, or fought over this ground.
–For this community, an ordeal that started with offense, uncertainty, and outrage, ended amidst horror, poverty, and death.
–The Union Army–or Yankees as they are known hereabouts–first came to Fredericksburg in the summer of 1862. There would be no fighting, no looting…just and uneasy co-existence between local residents, who took offense at the presence of blue-clad men in the streets, and the Union soldiers, who found bemusement in the intensity of local residents’ disdain.
–Helen Bernard recorded the prevailing attitude of local residents after the arrival of the Union Army.