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Traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya?
Traveling from Bangkok to the islands?
Well, you can either go to, choose your preferred method of transportation, and get to where you need to go with ease. Or –
you can look for a local travel agency
Negotiate the price
Reach an agreement
Negotiate again because you realize the price doesn’t include luggage
Or your girlfriend
Or actual seats
Reach an agreement –
Find an ATM because they don’t accept credit cards
Pay more than agreed for your tickets, because they “didn’t have any change”
Get on a bus
Find out the 2-hour ride is actually a 10-hour ride
With no Wifi, Toilets Or stops
Then take a Taxi
A car
And two more buses
And finally….
Go to sleep instead of enjoying your stay, because you’re SO exhausted.
Travel smart.
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