Tall, Thin, Walking

June 14, 2021

They all start running through the rugged trees and roots, hoping they could out run the silent, menacing beings. Ella takes the lead hopping over logs as if this is what she has been running from all her life. They all start tearing up with the burning sensation in their lungs nagging at their every movement. Sticks trips and they’re consumed into the dark shadows while the rest keep running. Mikey does his best to jump through the branches but his black sleeve gets snagged on a bramble. A 3rd scream pierces the thickly wooded forests and Ella snags her sock on part of an old, rusty wire fence as she begins to break down. Charli and Will run faster and faster hearing the distant screams of their “friends” drift into the wind. With the shadows nagging at Charli’s green hair, she yanks Will’s collar prompting him to fall and be consumed by the darkness. Charli bites her tongue as her name becomes Will’s last words. She keeps running hoping that maybe just maybe she would survive but whispers keep tickling her ears. Their drowned out voices getting louder and louder in her head as she reaches for a branch. She begins to scream and The Walkers begin to grab at her hands and feet calling her, “Charlotte… Charlotte… CHARLOTTE… CHARLOTTE!!! ”. Charli is pulled away accepting her fate, and once again there will never be a corpse to be found…

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