Tales from the Hive

Bees have been busy for millions of years now, and they’re not about to stop anytime soon. Foragers still return from the fields with nectar, while guard bees still watch and wait. There’s treasure in this beekeeper’s hive, and all are sworn to protect it…with their lives. Suddenly, an intruder comes flying in: a wasp, hoping to capture a bee and feed it to its hungry grubs. The battle begins in earnest. The wasp is larger, but the bees make up in numbers what they lack in strength. They sting the invader relentlessly. For the individual bee, it’s a suicide attack: the bee’s stinger and part of its abdomen will be ripped from its body when it pulls away. But the defense of the colony is the only thing that matters. Paralyzed by venom, mortally wounded, the wasp is unceremoniously dragged to the edge of the hive, and dumped. Just an ordinary day of birth, death, s*x, and violence…and it’s not even noon yet.