my 10 characters script in less than 3 minutes

February 29, 2020

DJ AL in the morning:
1) Ah, Good morning America…hello caller…what can I do for ya?…Oh, you want that song played again? Alright! I can definitely do that…

Old man and the war:
2) I lost many friends in the war, they were friends with names and dignity and honor..friends who had families waiting for their return, knowing possibly they, would not..if you’re listening to this then I’m long gone.
3) Titan curse:
Oh why..why did I touch that gem?! Oh, I curse it, I curse it so! I’m going to get rid of this thing to get my sight back and see again with my own two eyes!
4) The Box:
Inside I hold a ring, I hope she enjoys finding this box
5) Secret Place
Everyone has a secret place. My secret place is my room, where, I lock it for privacy. To write, to work to pray. I create things here and the best part is, I’m always back in time for dinner.
6) Showman
Ladies and gentleman, tonight you’re going to see some death defying stunts and unbelievable truths. We’re going to sword fight to the death with these stainless steal blades. There are no jokes here. Everything you see here is real.
7) Politician or actor?:
So, tell me, what’s the difference between an actor and a politician? I’ll tell you right now, there isn’t. Here’s why…”
8) Jack the dog:
Hi there, Master, senseii, I know it sounds like I’m barking a storm here, but uh (dog bark), can we go on a walk today? And can we go the long way this time? I’d really love it if we got some exercise, come on and get out of bed and get some exercise, we need it!”
9) Gambler
(Laugh) Hmmhmm, you see this here? This is a deck of cards. I don’t play using jokers, unless I’m playing Old Maid with the boys at the table. I love those games like Poker and blackjack. I admit this, I count cards, Yeah,I admit it is true.
10) Friend and the mint:
person 1: Hey there?
Friend : oh hi
person 1: Would you like a mint?
Friend: Sure, I’d love one (takes it and chews)
(person 1): gasps, huh!!
Friend: (Chewing) what?
Person 1: That wasn’t a junior mint….
Friend: what do you mean? (still chewing)
Person 1): That was a Fly!!!

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