When I say the word sculpture, what do you think of? Maybe a statue made out of marble or bronze. But look up … this is a sculpture, too…called a mobile. Its name is Four Winds, and the artist who made it is Alexander Calder. His friends called him Sandy. He was the first artist ever to make a mobile! Calder was American, but a French friend of his made up the word mobile. Calder loved to play and make cool art. He even made toys that are works of art. This mobile is fun because it’s a sculpture that hangs in the air … so a breeze or even air conditioning can make it move. And when it moves, it changes. Walk around and look at it from different sides. It will be a little different every time you look at it. Isn’t Four Winds a great name for a sculpture that moves in the air? Maybe he called it Four Winds because it has four arms … for north, south, east, and west winds. Can you guess what it’s made out of? Think for a minute. Metal! Aluminum to be exact, and steel wires. But it’s not heavy … in fact, it seems like it’s floating. That’s because it’s balanced so perfectly. The weight of pieces on one side balance pieces on the opposite side. It’s pretty complicated to do. But Calder wants you to see its beauty too. Here’s what he said: “To most people who look at a mobile, it’s no more than a series of flat objects that move. To a few people, though, it may be poetry.” A poem…hanging in the air. Pretty cool idea!