Smokers aren’t stupid. More than 70% want to quit. But there nicotine addiction won’t let them. It’s not the nicotine that’s destroying there lives. Repeat not. ..It;s the tar and thousands of additives heated together. Nicotine is actually fine. Yes it’s addictive .But so is caffeine.
The Economist put it like this: ” Tobacco is bad for for your health, but nicotine may be good.” And according to the Lancet…while people smoke for the nicotine, they die from the tar and other unwanted components…
Smokers need there nicotine. It improves focus and concentration. Calms them. Reduces stress.
So imagine if you could separate JUST the nicotine from the cigarette. Imagine how many lives would be saved.
We imagined it . And we did it. We’re KICK. We were started by two passionate physicians… on a mission to create a healthy new category – clean , inhalable nicotine…
delivered without heat, vapor or combustion. E-cigarettes use heat and produce vapors containing harmful emissions.
Kick’s innovation is profound. Proven with hundreds of smokers to satisfy in seconds.
At work. At dinner .In the middle’s a lifestyle solution that can be used anywhere, any time. There truly is no other choice for smokers who have had enough. .