Into The Shadow Of Dark – The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow

The monster shrilled from the very light beaming into its
many dark eyes. The people too were just as overwhelmed
by the brilliance and shielded themselves from it. The pale
woman gazed at the creature hovering high above and
stretched out her hand.
“What is it?”
“Interesting.” The gothic man replied while stroking his thinly
bearded chin. “A Hydroctinite. ”
“I thought they were a myth.” The woman said in a sarcastic
“Not a myth, my dear.” He quipped. “Just a rare sight for
these modern times.”
“It’s afraid.” She stated continually holding out her hand, “It
tries to resist. I think…I think it’s trying to fight me.”

“Use the power within, my dear.” He replied in a
commanding tone, “Lure it with the darkness it seeks, just
enough and then – grab hold.”
“Yessss –“ She hissed out slowly.

The creature had successfully merged its thoughts to the
female host, “These ones are mine and I will feast forever.
Go and leave me alone, or I will take you and your
companion as well.”

“If you know who I am, then you should know a threat like
that will not curb my resolve. You will return to your
dimension willingly or I shall force you there myself – and
this is not a threat, but a ultimatum.”

“You?” the creature laughed through the woman’s voice and
slowly licked her lips. “There is nothing a insignificant little
man like you can do to me, this world is ripe of fear – it feeds
me, makes me stronger and I shall devour all who stand in
my way!”

As the woman deeply bellowed with evil laughter, the gothic
man shook his head in disapproval and once again slowly
released a snort of frustration. There was no reasoning or
even giving this creature any sort of warning that would
make it relinquish its hold. The frightened people all around
buried their heads in woe, as any hope of freedom would not
come; not even for this strange man and his possessed