Whatever your goals in life, wherever your career takes you, an education will provide you with what you need to succeed. So whether your career follows a traditional path, or takes you to places you’ve never dreamed of, make it your business to succeed. I was going crazy trying to plan our financial future. It got so bad, even my calculator was threatening to quit. Life’s full of compromises. You give up high performance for high capacity. You pass on your favorite foods to fit into your favorite jeans. And with credit cards, find one with a low interest rate and you could give up important services.
So I lose my credit card… Luckily it’s a Citibank Photocard with my picture on it. This woman in my building finds it. She recognizes me from the photo, she returns it. Not only is she gorgeous, honest and good looking – But she taught me that it’s better to do good than bad. Be a giver not a taker. And I choose to now live my life that honest.
Funny how computers can make your life more difficult when their purpose is to make things easier. Well, the problem is safe practices in internet security. So you’re stuck with the hassle of maintaining tons of passwords. I’m drafting up an IPSEC Company that makes people more aware of how careless they are with their information and teach them how to protect themselves online.
Identity theft has become one of the major concerns facing people today, and you need to know that you are protected and safe from it. You don’t have to fear being a victim of identity theft or identity fraud For example, this true stat really bothers me. That 59% of people use the same password for every single online account they have. And on average, people have 130 accounts. So if a hacker gets into one, he can get into them all!. I’d prefer to teach businesses and individuals how to do regular credit checks and can assist you with steps to take, should your credit be damaged by fraud. Life brings all of us unexpected events and problems. I know that sometimes these problems and events mean you need some assistance facing the challenges they bring. I am a computer geek who just knows how to build and manipulate security software. I just know my way around a computer well enough to fill out some online applications and get money. It wasn’t very hard. But Ive changed for the better and now offer courses to help you meet those unexpected challenges.

I have family and close friends that support me and have seen that I have become a better person. They know my kids come first and I’m a very proud dad. But what I’m most proud of is putting their needs above my own. Making sure they’ll always be taken care of is the most selfless gift you can ever give them.

Decision Making is difficult. But even more difficult if you have Traumatic Brain Injury —an injury that affects the brain, erases memory and eventually takes life. My brother has has Traumatic Brain Injury since he was 12. He is now 33. I’ve taken care of him ever since. I truly feel a prison sentence won’t register correctly with him.

23. I was going through some very difficult financial times during this inexcusable event. The motivation was never to get rich off these loans. The purpose of these loans was to save the house we were in and pay the past due bills before they all disconnected. My business went through a lengthy slump in 2015 and it nearly crushed us and were a thread away from being homeless. Find a need and fill it is marginally honest, but create a need and fill it is a fine alternative if the first one doesn’t pan out. Its not an excuse but here’s a similar story:

The lions must hunt and find food soon or they will die. Life is tough here on the plains and survival is far from guaranteed. A simple mistake can often spell the end for both predator and prey. The dry season and heat are too much for some. The lions have brought down a young elephant that has strayed from the herd. This much needed break will feed the pride for a week and has probably made the difference between life and death.

I had to change my way of thinking. Your brain is much like a complex computer. What you think about is based, largely, on what you put into that computer. Successful people are careful about the things they allow into that “computer.” With the right inputs, success is the result. So how can you go about changing your inputs? First be a knowledge seeker. Constantly be on the quest for new knowledge. Then, fill your mind with the thoughts of successful people. This means spending time talking to them, reading their writing, listening to recordings of them speaking, or anything else you can do to fill your mind with their thoughts.

On September 2, 2009, the transnational pharmaceutical giant Pfizer pled guilty to multiple criminal felonies. It had been marketing drugs in a way that may well have led to the deaths of people and that definitely led physicians to prescribe and patients to use pharmaceuticals in ways they were not intended.

Because Pfizer is a corporation-a legal abstraction, really – it couldn’t go to jail like fraudster Bernie Madoff or killer John Dillinger; instead it paid a $1.2 billion dollar “criminal” fine to the U.S. government-the biggest in history-as well as an additional $1 billion dollars in civil penalties. The total settlement was more than $2.3 billion dollars -another record. None of its executives, decision-makers, stockholders/owners, or employees saw even five minutes of the inside of a police station or jail cell.

Most Americans don’t even know about this huge and massive crime. Nor do they know that the “criminal” never spent a day in jail.

But they do know that in the autumn of 2004, Martha Stewart was convicted of lying to investigators about her sale of stock in another pharmaceutical company. Her crime cost nobody their life, but she famously was escorted off to a women’s prison. Had she been a corporation instead of a human being, odds are there never would have even been an investigation.