October 3, 2019

2012 Extinction
The Maya, an ancient South American culture, predicted that time would end
in a violent apocalypse on December 21, 2012. They created an elaborate
astronomical calendar called “The Long Count,” which stops abruptly in
2012. This date, which is also the winter equinox, coincides with an
incredibly rare galactic alignment that happens once every 26,000 years.
What did the Mayans think would happen when their calendar ended? And,
were they joined by other cultures–from different parts of the world and in
different centuries–all pointing to 2012 as a calamitous end time? The Hopi
Indians and Eastern Hindu share similar calendars, which are remarkably
synchronous. One counter-culture mystic even uses an Ancient Chinese
philosophy to unlock the key to a 2012 prophecy. Nostradamus himself
suggests the world is headed toward a coming cataclysm. What can we do to
heed the warning of the Mayan apocalypse?

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