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It’s the backbone of modern life, it’s in the food we eat, the houses we live in, and the cars we drive. One of the most important Commodities in the world, oil. But what if it all suddenly disappeared, “how would the world react?”

This is the story of China’s greatest armada lead by one histories most forgotten legends. Admiral Ma-He, one of history’s most accomplished leaders at sea, yet today he remains a mysterious figure outside of his own country, a country with an unrivaled naval superpower, in an age of discovery could China have conquered the world?
“This is” “When China ruled the waves”

Thanks for coming to “The Management of Aggressive Behavior” Training module. This module contains 3 sections:
Outward signs of crisis
And Physical intervention

The training will last about 2 and a half hours and when you are done you will be well equipped with everything you need to know about helping your clients with their behavior

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Hello and welcome to your personal tour of The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, The museum houses nearly three million specimens in nine separate research collections.
Right now, you should be standing in the Entry Hall, straight ahead of you, you
will see our two beautiful giraffes standing almost as guardians to the many wonders of mother nature that you will see here today.